She that is giddy (charliesmum) wrote in johnkerry04,
She that is giddy

Regarding the 'not one damn dime day' thing

Since someone posted the information for this protest thing, I thought I'd post this link to that gives a nice analysis of this form of protesting.

the suggested scheme is one of the least effective forms of symbolic protest one could devise: it literally proposes that people do nothing, and doing nothing generates little, if any, publicity or news coverage. Massing thousands of people in one place and engaging speakers to make rousing public speeches provide vivid, well-defined images for the news media to pick up on, but pictures of people not spending money just don't make compelling fodder for newspapers and television. (Images of normally bustling malls, restaurants, and airports standing eerily devoid of human traffic might make for a good news story, but public opinion on this issue is far too divided for this protest to be able to bring all business to a grinding halt.)

I just thought it was interesting.
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