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John Kerry for President

John Kerry '04
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JohnKerry04 is a Pro-Kerry community dedicated to providing LiveJournal members with a place to discuss the presidential campaign of John Kerry. You are also welcome to discuss his running mate, John Edwards and issues surrounding him.

This is a members-only board for posting, meaning that you must join to post here. You do not have to be 100% behind the Kerry/Edwards ticket to participate. We realize that many people come here looking for information on John Kerry and/or John Edwards and we are happy to provide that. Kerry/Edwards related Icons are Welcome here!

If you have a question or are looking for information on a certain subject please check out our Memories and see if someone has already answered your question.

1) No personal attacks or flaming of any kind. Fellow members deserve respect, please show it to them.
2) We don't expect you to agree with all of Kerry's positions, you are welcome to ask for clarification on any issue. If you agree with none of them then this is not the community for you.
3) If you want to discuss President Bush's policy and compare it to Kerry's, this is the forum. If you simply want to attack Bush, please check out bush_sucks. Please keep this in mind when posting articles and images.
5) Please do not post campaign fundraising links here that benefit yourself. We ask that this not be done to keep a constant flow of such posts from happening. Also, do not post community advertisements.
6)No graphic images and or articles
7) If you are posting a full article or a large image (over 400x400 px and/or 40kb) you Must place it behind and LJ-Cut, please read this FAQ.
8) If a moderator asks you to edit your post please do so in a timely fashion, for information on how to edit posts please read this FAQ.
9) Do not disable commenting on your posts or freeze comment threads, this disrupts the flow of discussion.

Please do not use the moderator's personal journals to address problems related to this community. If you are e-mailing a moderator please put the community name in the subject so it doesn't go out with the spam.

adamosity can be reached by e-mail
franksnotscene can be reached via e-mail, please keep in mind that franksnotscene is extremely busy right now.
spitefairy who can be reached via AIM: SpiteFaerie or e-mail

Do you have a community that you think relates to this community? If so and you'd like to become affiliates with this community please comment in this post. Leave a link to your community and a description of what it is about. If we approve of it we will add it to our affiliates list as soon as possible.

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Kerry on Iraq War

10/18/04 update: This isn't the place for homework help or for requesting us to read your term paper. If you have a question, ask away, but we're not here to do your homework. Future term papers or lists of homework questions will be deleted without notice.